Designer of the Month

The WAG Shop is a fantastic place to purchase unique local, Melbourne-made and Australian designed products. Every month the WAG Shop features works by artists and designers in their monthly ‘Designer of the Month’ display. Artists working in hand-made silver/gold and alternative jewellery materials, ceramics, glass, fabric and printmaking are encouraged to apply to be featured. 

To forward your application form please email Front of House Coordinator, Oksana Khaidurova: okhaidurova [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au (subject: Designer%20of%20the%20Month%20Application)
If you have any questions about your application please contact the WAG shop on (03) 5559 4949.


January 2019: Rachel Grose

Rachel has been making jewellery for almost twenty years in her small and beloved studio, part of her little Miners Cottage in Ballarat which makes her feel part of her family tradition of tinkerers. The process of creating, designing and realising her jewellery just makes her happy. Rachel makes jewellery for all people – designing and crafting with care and precision, using only high quality gemstones and precious metals. She uses traditional techniques with hand tools to create one of a kind or very limited edition jewellery. Each stone is handpicked for its unique beauty and quality.

February 2019: Caroline Healey

Caroline Healey is an artist from the UK who in 2014, after two years of worldwide travels, found home in inspiring South West Victoria. Heavily influenced by her immediate surroundings, Caroline’s work illustrates the beautiful local landscape.
Warrnambool locals have become used to seeing Caroline's fine art prints and cards at the markets during the summer months and more recently in various cafes. 

March 2019: Dorothy Eller

From her Mortlake Studio, Dorothy Eller works with sterling silver to produce beautiful hand-crafted and unique jewellery. Cuttlefish casting is a key component of Dorothy’s work, adding to the rare beauty and individuality of each piece created. The cuttlefish is sourced from local beaches. The fragile nature of the cuttlebones means the moulds can only be used once, creating pieces as unique and individual as the wearer. Dorothy’s creations feature strong clean lines, resulting in a soft, tactile feel for ultimate comfort and wearability. 

April 2019: Jan Hetherington

Local artist Jan Hetherington of Jan’s Fine Glass in Port Fairy works in glass, limestone and oil paint, featuring elements of life and Earth structure. She prides herself in creating 'that special gift' in kiln formed glass, accompanied by limestone sculpture. Jan recently refocused her creative energy by travelling through France and Italy, absorbed by the European backdrop and art and culture, returning with 'a new set of eyes and fresh ideas'. Her collection boasts an extensive range of one-off centrepieces, games and fine dining glassware.

May 2019: Sue Tate

Sue Tate is works with textiles and stitch and enjoys presenting them in a medium other than cloth. Her work has two distinct themes - the environment in which she lives and physical and mental health.
Mainly using stitch, her work focuses on the process of repair through which we and our processions become stronger, more intricate, more previous. A repair is a beautiful thing; it is the celebration of renewal, becoming the evidence of worth, health and experience.

June 2019: Andrea Radley

Andrea’s work utilises the printmaking process as a means of rendering an experience of place, a site or location close to her personal sensibility. She believes that we should preserve native habitat for future generations: the South West of Victoria is a great place to live and you don’t have to wander too far to come across a myriad of native animals.
Andrea enjoys the physical aspect of creating linocuts especially the cutting and gauging out of the surface to produce curvy seductive lines and detailed patterns. 


Image at top: Jewellery created by Rachel Grose