Girls Are Full STEAM Ahead!

event date: 
Friday, 12 October 2018 - 9:15am to 3:30pm

With the support of Creative Victoria through Engaging Audiences WAG, in partnership with Girl Geek Academy and Robotics Academy Warrnambool, is excited to present a full-day program of sessions, workshops and panel events to inspire and encourage girls to take part in STEAM subject, lessons and hopefully careers. Students from any educational setting (i.e. school or home school groups) are welcome to participate.

Program Timetable

9:20am - Welcome and Program overview

9:30am - Panel of amazing women in STEAM careers

10:15am to 2:15pm - Stream 1 and 2 workshops (breaks included, see below)

2:15pm - What to do NOW to follow your STEAM passions

3:00pm - Time to go home!


After the morning panel session, workshop participants will be divided into two groups; STREAM 1 for girls in grade 9 and above, and STREAM 2 for girls grade 5 and above. Participants in both streams will have the an opportunity to gain hands-on experience applying steam skills.

STREAM 1: Lightbulb Coding (for girls grade 9 and above)

Students will be introduced to Python programming language as a way to interact with colourful intelligent lightbulbs. Beginner and more advanced coders are welcome in this stream - the only requirements are that you are a willing participant in stepping out of your comfort zone, that you talk to those around you about the code you are writing and that you are really switched on!

STREAM 2: Workshop rotation (for girls grade 5 and upwards)

Students will participate in a series of workshops designed to introduce them to different STEAM (1) What's in a Game? - an introduction to game design and mechanics, (2) Game Jam Bootcamp - the who, how and wow of creating a game in a weekend, (3) Robotics with Robotics Academy, Warrnambool.


This program is provided free of charge but bookings are essential. To book for this event, please email WAG Education Officer Agostina Hawkins at ahawkins [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au or call the WAG front desk on (03) 559 4949 during business hours.