Black & Gold

Wednesday, 6 October 2021 to Sunday, 30 January 2022
Temporary Gallery

What we regard as precious usually glints and glitters, or comes from a rarity or a unique craft of expression. In a world of fast consumables 'Black & Gold' is a discount brand, giving its name to cheap and easily attainable products. The 'Black' may be dark, but the 'Gold' is garish yellow. In a play on how we perceive value through this coupling of colour, WAG has delved into its own collection and added works from private collections to present a show embracing the true value of black and gold as colours, substances, definitions of ideas and forms. From Guan Wei we see a delicate form reaching for the clouds, a playful gesture, in contrast to Kate Rohde's Black Mirror which pulls you into the elegance of darkness. 

*Please note exhibition dates have been extended due to COVID19

Image: Guan Wei, Up in the Clouds No.4, (detail) 2012, bronze 60 x 36 x 28cm. WAG Collection. Purchased with the assistance of the Alan Myers AO QC and funds from the annual acquisition budget provided by Warrnambool City Council, 2013