Material Sound

Vicky Browne, Peter Blamey, Caitlin Franzmann, Pia van Gelder, Ross Manning, Vincent & Vaughan Wozniak-O’Connor
Saturday, 21 November 2020 to Sunday, 14 February 2021
Temporary Gallery
Caleb Kelly

Material Sound is a multi-form exhibition that draws together six art practitioners and collaborative groups, each creating an experience of sound within installations constructed from everyday materials. Handmade instruments and electronics, recycled components, outmoded technologies, fake technologies, imagined sounds, and silences are brought together to challenge the way we think about materiality in a cumulative sound experience.

Material Sound features work by artists Vicky Browne, Pia van Gelder, Caitlin Franzmann, Peter Blamey, Vincent & Vaughan O’Connor and Ross Manning, whose works and practices investigate sound and materials within art and performance. These artists are at the forefront of an international interest in the material qualities of sound and its modes of generation. In Australia, this interest particularly addresses the ecological consequences of the materials we so readily consume and discard.

A Murray Art Museum Albury exhibition, curated by Caleb Kelly and presented nationally by Museums & Galleries of NSW. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body. 

Public Program
Sunday 17 January

1pm: Curators Tour with WAG Curator Exhibitions and Outreach Aaron Bradbrook (Free Admission)
2pm: Jazz Band 'Dixie Nouveau' perform live (Free Admission)
3:15 - 5:45pm: Classical Blues Band 'Soixante Douze' perform live (SOLD OUT)

Pia van Gelder, Recumbent Circuit, 2016 and Soft Synth No.1, 2018, Material Sound, installation view, Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018. Photo: Tyler Grace (detail)
Vicky Browne, Cosmic Noise (detail), 2016-2018, Material Sound, installation view, Murray Art Museum Albury, 2018. Photo: Jules Boag