Nasho '57 : 98 days at Pucka

Robert Lennox Suggett
Thursday, 27 April 2017 to Monday, 12 June 2017
George Lance Gallery
Ren Gregoric

Warrnambool Art Gallery is honoured to present ‘Nasho ’57: 98 days at Pucka’ from April 27th to June 12th 2017.

The exhibition is a photographic essay containing photographs taken by Warrnambool-born journalist Robert Lennox Suggett during his 98 days of army national services training in the 14th National Service Training Battalion, Royal Australian Artillery, at Puckapunyal, Victoria in 1957.

At the time, Suggett (self-described as then “just a kid with a camera”) took photographs to record the everyday experience of national serviceman in the first stages of training. From lining up to board a train at Royal Park for the rail trip to Puckapunyal, to ‘area beautification’ duty and inter-unit athletics, Suggett’s photographs provide rare, candid glimpses into the private lives of these servicemen.

The photographs remained unprinted negatives until they were re-discovered and printed for the first time in 2016-17. ‘Nasho ’57: 98 days at Pucka’ pays tribute to those captured in these photographs 60 years on.