Once Women Won the Vote

Danielle O'Brien and Marie Cook
Saturday, 5 May 2018 to Sunday, 30 September 2018
Ren Gregoric

The project has been made possible by the generous support of Womens Health and Wellbeing Barwon Southwest, Warrnambool City Council Health and Wellbeing, The Victorian Women's Trust, Dulux Warrnambool and Her Place Women's Museum Australia.

The 30,000 signatures of the 1891 Women’s Suffrage Petition is a testament to the everyday women who courageously fought for women’s rights, suffrage as well as social and legislative reform that would allow many Victorians the right to self-determination, agency and justice; a profound legacy that continues today. ‘Once Women Won the Vote’' by Marie Cook and Danielle O’Brien is a colourful wall mural to be displayed on the Warrnambool Art Gallery façade and exhibition in the Alan Lane Gallery that celebrates women in Victoria’s South-West who signed this historic petition and their legacy today. The mural includes a dedication to Vida Mary Jane Goldstein, a pioneering feminist and suffragist born in Portland, 1869.

The exhibition includes a contribution from Her Place Women's Museum Australia that features video interviews with 10 Victorian women who have made significant contributions to this state, including a number of women connected to South-West Victoria. These women have been pioneers in their fields and have championed the rights of women regionally as well as nationally.

Danielle O'Brien

Danielle O'Brien completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (printmaking) at Deakin University in 1994 and holds a Masters of Fine Arts from University of South Australia (1998).The impetus and space to build an artist practice into daily life coincided with her return to Warrnambool in 2011. Operating out of a studio in the old Fletcher Jones Building her practice gathers together an extended family of distinct shapes that are combined to create systems of regularity. Danielle also has established Plus8 screen printing studio producing hand-printed textile designs.

Marie Cook

Weaving, making, concentrating.

Frustration, resilience, enquiry.

Quiet happiness, the unexpected, go there, looks great.

Sharing a life with family, friends, work and studio time for fifty years.


Her Place Women's Museum Australia

The lives and experiences of women have traditionally been under-represented in historical narratives, museum collections and the public sphere. As a result we know less about women’s achievements and run the risk of undervaluing their contribution to society. Her Place Women’s Museum Australia aspires to create a nationally significant public space that honours the accomplishments of women and their role in shaping our nation. It will be the home of both physical and digital archives and a dynamic place for discovery, debate and education.

Since 2016, Her Place has delivered a series of touring exhibitions and public programs across regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. To date, the lives and contributions of 25 Victorian women have been celebrated. These women, selected through community consultation, have contributed to society at both local and national levels through their work as Indigenous elders, migrant community leaders, artists, activists, politicians, farmers, doctors, businesswomen, scientists, writers, sportswomen and adventurers.

Website: www.herplacemuseum.com

Image credit: Danielle O'Brien and Marie Cook, Once Women Won the Vote mural design (detail), 2018.