Poyeempa | Upon The Breath

Charmaine Clarke
Saturday, 19 June 2021 to Sunday, 14 November 2021

Poyeempa​ | Upon The Breath by Gunditjmara Elder Charmaine Clarke reflects on themes of truth-telling and healing, through an immersive display of animation and her spoken word poetry in the Maar Nation Gallery.

Designed as a space for personal reflection, Charmaine invites audiences to hear her story and connect with Aboriginal history and collective contemporary reality. She writes: “We breathe automatically, like the sea and her tides, in and out a whistle of the wind, a collective sigh, or moans, and screams. Our spoken words cannot be freed without breath. Sounds cannot be heard without breath and air to transform them.” 

*Please note exhibition dates have been extended due to COVID19

Image credit: Charmaine Clarke, Songs of the Bones (still), 2021; What do you see when you see me? (still), 2021. Filmed and edited by Tiny Empire Collective. Animation by Lee Arkapaw.