Sunset Response

Ash Keating
Tuesday, 30 November 2021 to Sunday, 3 April 2022

Ash Keating is well known for his large scale works in public places including Green Square at RMIT and the billboard at the National Gallery of Victoria. For the better part of the past decade, he has been using fire hydrants full of paint to create his splash art works that layer colour rapidly over large surfaces in a spectacular way.

Using fire extinguishers allows him to create a large scale abstract expressionist style that has a lot of gravity and pull as the paint descends the surface of the wall. He balances the paint using fire extinguishers filled with water. “It is about creating immersive painting that reflects the spectacle of nature that we all enjoy but then bringing it into painting. It is quite spontaneous and because it is large scale it is a bit like action painting,” he said.

For the Warrnambool Art Gallery the artist responded to photographs taken of the luminescent colour spectrum of the South West Victorian horizon which were shared with him by locals.  This work entitled, Sunset Response is a conversation of colour that reflects the sometimes gentle, sometimes intense palette of these sunsets.  

The idea of glow and sunsets are emblematic to Ash at this time when many people are taking solace in the natural world, emerging from lockdowns. Many of his recent paintings have explored the colours of sunsets through the greys and misty colours of winter.