Weehnirr (Messenger)

Melissa and Sandra Aitken, Brett Clarke, Tarryn Love, Uncle Robbie Lowe Snr, and Jacob Sims
Saturday, 14 November 2020 to Sunday, 28 February 2021
Sherry Johnstone

Realised by Maar Nation Curator of Cultural Engagement, Sherry Johnstone, and featuring responses by WAG Maar Nation Curatorial Trainee Jordan Gould, this exhibition is a living Weehnirr (Messenger), building a strong legacy for the Maar Nation. Through research of WAG’s Aboriginal collection, and interpretations by contemporary artists in weaving, drawing, graphic art and song, ancient motifs and symbolism are brought to life. Presented in Peek Whurrong and English.

Tarryn Love, Koontapool wayapawanh - Meeting the Whale, 2020. New Zealand Possum Skin, pyrography, wax linen thread, 130 x 60cm.
Jacob Sims, Uncle Locky, 2020. Unique digital print of paper, 200 x 113cm.