Message from the Director

During this time of keeping the community safe from COVID-19 infection, the doors of the Gallery may be closed but we are still working hard behind the scenes.

To keep you connected and creative, we are stepping up our newsletter to a weekly edition with information, inspiration and ideas for filling in your days creatively. In the coming weeks expect to see some new stories, activities and competitions with prizes.

To add a bit of brightness and fun this week we are featuring a drawing from Simon Linardi’s 'The Bull Cow'  installation at WAG.  The Bull Cow is a creature never been seen before by humans; a hybrid whale/cow life form that encouraged children to interact and explore its fantastical realm. You can download the drawing and add your own colours here [link]

Warrnibald / Junior Warrnibald Rising

The Warrnibald and the Junior Warrnibald will go ahead in 2020. We are still working through the logistics, so please hold any questions you may have until we can release the information packs in the coming weeks.


Our Education Officer Agostina Hawkins has been busy designing activities. Last week her Matisse project was a big hit you can visit the gallery site every Friday morning to download her latest project, or explore our library of free downloadable Explore, Learn, Create / From Home projects.

From this week the activities will begin exploring the works in our permanent collection show, 'Line of Site'. Beginning with Mary Cecil Allen’s cubist painting, View from a window, Provincetown, you will be encouraged to try your own cubist work – looking at the view through your own window [link]

Artists at Home

WAG artists give you a look into their creative worlds with a short video that talks about their work, their inspiration and how they make art.  The series will commence next week with  Hobie Porter whose painting of Tower Hill ‘From Little things, Big Things’ shows our majestic South West landscape and explores the fractured environment between modern civilisation and the natural environment. 

WAG Online

You can keep up to date with WAG’s activities through our website and following our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Although it is not yet clear when we will open the Gallery again, we are reviewing the situation with the Council and Government and will keep you posted.

We are looking forward to celebrating and welcoming you all back to our exhibitions, programs and events in the Gallery as soon as possible.

Vanessa Gerrans, Director