Let’s talk about future WAG

The Warrnambool Art Gallery is starting a conversation with the community about how the gallery will look and function in the future.

The current building struggles to accommodate WAG’s extraordinary collection and can only display a small percentage of the collection at any one time.

The WAG is also the custodian of a growing collection of Aboriginal artefacts and art work which needs to be shared more widely and appropriately.

There are also constraints on spaces available for temporary exhibitions and for the community.

So the WAG and Warrnambool City Council are interested in hearing from the community about how it sees the future of the WAG.

It will be a conversation that will include many voices, from Friends of the Gallery through to visitors to the city who come to see regular exhibitions, through to tourism operators who benefit from strong arts and culture activity in Warrnambool.

We want people to think about how they value the arts, what it brings to our lives and how we can position our city as a place that attaches a high value to arts and cultural heritage.
The feedback from the community will help inform a business case that will be used to guide our strategic direction.
The business case is being prepared with the assistance of renowned cultural tourism consulting firm, SMA Tourism.
The community will be provided with a range of opportunities to become involved including face-to-face interviews and an Ideas Board.

The business case is a critically important report needed to justify investment in the redevelopment of the WAG, for Council and external funders including the Victorian Government, Commonwealth Government and philanthropists.

To become involved in the conversation check out