Warrnibald Prize 2020



With over 2000 votes cast, The Archibool Prize (People’s Choice Award) winner has been chosen; concluding this year’s The Warrnibald Prize 2020 exhibition.

The Warrnibald Prize 2020 is a non-acquisitive open-entry portraiture exhibition and art prize. All entries were eligible for first and second prize as selected by industry experts; Joshua White, Artistic Director Hamilton Gallery; Carmel Wallace, Independent Artist; and Simon Lawrie, Curator McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, as well as The Archibool Prize, as voted by the audience. In 2020 artist Karen Richards was awarded first prize in the judges selection, and Elisabeth Claire Macrae-Drylie winning second prize. Portrait subjects are those who are currently or have previously made significant contributions in South West Victoria or who have represented our region in Australia or overseas.
The Warrnibald Prize 2020 helps raise funds to support WDEA Work’s Social Enterprise ArtLink Program: an initiative that assists people with a range of abilities identify to achieve their creative goals; and promote the inclusivity of everyone in community life. This year over $2500 was raised for the program.
Thanks to all The Warrnibald Prize 2020 artists and to everyone who voted in The Archibool Prize. See you next year!


The Warrnibald Prize

The Warrnibald Prize was established as a way of recognising both the skills of our many local artists and provide a platform to recognise individuals who have made a significant contribution to the fabric of South West Victorian communities.

Now in its 4th year at WAG, the exhibition and art prize continues to foster community spirit and celebrate those who contribute to our rich and diverse community.

Warrnambool has a strong connection to The Archibald Prize which was established by Jules François Archibald (JF) and first awarded in 1921. JF’s father, Joseph Archibald was sergeant of police in Warrnambool and described as ‘enlightened, sober and sceptical’, founded the Warrnambool Art Gallery in 1886. As with its inspiration, The Warrnibald Prize fosters portraiture as well as supporting artists and perpetuating the memory of great local identities.


Photo: Rosana Sialong