Claire Macrae-Drylie

Vicki Jellie

Mixed Media

When I asked Vicki to be my subject for The Warrnibald Prize, she was at first hesitant. Her thoughts were that everyone had seen enough of her face over the last little while. So, I promised to keep it small.
Vicki is a quiet and resilient community leader, who is much more comfortable away from the spotlight. She grew up in Warrnambool, raised her family here and loves the city and its people with a passion.  She is funny, and a warm and loyal friend. So, I have made this work to celebrate “Vicki’s Big Heart”.
She was the determined driving force behind ‘Peter’s Project’, which enabled Warrnambool to now have its very own dedicated Cancer Centre. Many said this could not be done.
Vicki recently stepped up again in response to the overwhelming requests from across the community that she stand for the Warrnambool City Council. She was elected in a landslide victory and is currently the Mayor.
Vicki is a small woman who packs a punch, or, as one of her daughter’s said, “She gets shit done”.
We applaud you Vicki Jellie.