Janice Elizabeth Trenair

Margot Callaghan

Acrylic Paint, Oil Pastels, Collage, Felting

Margot Callaghan, her three sisters and brother grew up on Banyan Street, Warrnambool.  A favourite song ringing in our car as we drive into that street is often “Three (four) Lovely Lassies in Banion”.  At family gatherings they would all gather around the family piano and sing Irish and Scottish songs until late in the night; father playing piano accordion, singing “Danny Boy”. Margot enjoys her Irish heritage and has travelled to Ireland more than once. She loves and plays Irish music. She can be seen parading each year in the Koroit Irish Festival dressed in green regalia of course. She and I are among the founding members of ‘Wednesday Whistlers and Company’ based in the small town of Yarpturk. We started as whistle players in the Lake School of Celtic Music, Song and Dance. Soon after other instruments were introduced expanding the group, hence the addition of ‘Company’ to the name. Margot also plays ukulele and her latest instrument is the mandolin. She especially enjoys using her voice as an instrument. Margot’s beloved company is Paddy, an Irish wheaten terrier. Paddy is loving, obedient, clever and lots of fun. He sometimes steals the show.