Josef Gardner

Shaun Miller

Acrylic on canvas

Shaun Miller served as Manager Economic Development and Investment at Warrnambool City Council for over four years. Shaun was a humble leader, but his visionary thinking and high-level strategic planning resulted in some remarkable achievements. Shaun worked tirelessly for the good of the community, was generous with his time and knowledge and provided mentoring to many.
Warrnambool was changed by the time Shaun left the role in January 2020. He had helped make a significant impact on not just stabilising but revitalising the city. In comparing the key Economic Indicators of Warrnambool from Shaun’s arrival in 2016 to his departure, GDP, employment levels, retail sales, population, residential and commercial builds were all higher.
Hydrogen energy was a project close to Shaun’s heart and an industry he could see having a major economic and environmental impact on the local economy. Shaun instigated a project with Warrnambool City Council, Deakin University and Nilsson Energy in Mariestad, Sweden, one of the world’s most innovative Hydrogen energy companies. The result was securing $2 million to develop a hydrogen energy precinct at the Deakin Warrnambool Campus, putting the city at the Australian forefront of a new global industry.
The change seen in the City of Warrnambool from 2016 to 2020 did not happen by coincidence. The city had its own agent of change working tirelessly in the background of the city’s transformation. Warrnambool and the entire Great South Coast is a better place for having Shaun Miller serving the region and its people.