Gallery insights: collecting

event date: 
Thursday, 26 October 2017 - 11:00am

Have you ever wondered how artworks become a part of a gallery collection?

Join the WAG volunteers and staff on an informal discussion session around the Collection: 1886 to Now exhibition as we uncover the history behind the works on display. As you wonder through the gallery, you will gain a glimpse into the history around the WAG, and the historians or critics that were involved in the collection process. Considering the various historical contexts hidden within the artworks, you will discover and unpack a number of questions on this topic; who were the collectors, why does this gallery own this work, why was this selected among other possible works, and what happens to artwork when taken out of their context and displaying in a gallery setting? Visitors will gain a deep insight into the workings of WAG’s acquisition practices, and how and why this may have shifted as the years go by. What is the gallery’s current approach to their collection and how does it reflect the society we live in?

In addition to gaining a better understanding of these topics, the participants will leave the space with a new and useful viewing skill. Like an artist, participants will learn how to analyse artwork beyond its surface, allowing you to read into artworks more comprehensively - this is a skill that you can take away and adapt to your future museum trips.

Bring a notepad, your energy and your opinions for a relaxed and educational conversation in this immersive space!

+ Free entry

+ Audio loop available and wheelchair accessible

+ Suitable for ages 15 and above

// Tour participants receive a complementary WAG 130 Year Anniversary book //

Content image: Anne Zahalka, Marriage of Convenience 1987. Purchased with funds from the annual acquisition budget provided by Warrnambool City Council, 2007.


Tours are free. Bookings via Eventbrite are requested. Meet at the entrance of the WAG. Click here to register your attendance