Ngakee Wanga Toompa

12 Nov 2022 - 9 Jul 2023
Brett Clarke, Ngakee Wanga Toompa, 2022 (film still). 20:28min
Brett Clarke, Ngakee Wanga Toompa, 2022 (film still). 20:28min

Ngakee Wanga Toompa continues Kirrae Whurrung songman, artist, carver and composer, Brett Clarke’s expression of his spiritual connection to country. At the core of this connection is his ongoing advocacy for the protection and preservation of the land, its inhabitants, and its waterways. By embracing a variety of creative and cultural practices, Clarke’s work often speaks to the importance of respecting country and its power to inspire and heal.   

Clarke’s multidisciplinary approach spans visual and sound based media. Employing pyrography and carving of found wood, Clarke inscribes symbols that relay ancient stories, while his sound installations and compositions, under the pseudonym Boorook, features language and truth-telling, combined with solfeggio frequencies, to create a sense of calm and inspire healing within its listeners. Often accompanied by self-produced music videos, his songs delve into personal places and themes that resonate with him. 

For Ngakee Wanga Toompa, Clarke invites audiences to be immersed, practice deep listening, and discover more about the landscape around us.  

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